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Making sure you have a well maintained and modern website (Responsive), increases your customer satisfaction (100%) which in turn increases the traffic through your website. Once your traffic improves the ranking of your website also improves.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key factor for website success.  When applying this strategy to your website and online marketing tools, expect (100%) improvement and popularity for your websites.

Applying the latest technology to your website will put you in the right direction.  It also means that you are using faster methods of communication with your clients. In saying that, once you are regularly updating your website the turn over for most customer requests being completed the same day is much higher.  Which produces happy clients, happy customers.

One of the key factors you must incorporate into your plan when building a website is without a shadow of a doubt website maintenance.  Main reason behind website maintenance for your website is, the website needs to be regularly updated for it to actually keep up with the world and the emerging modern technology and markets.  It needs to function the way in which you will like it too.  How?  Keep your content and information featured on your website fresh and current, your website needs to be up to date constantly and consistently.  You must make sure that the applications used to run the website are also up to date.