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The ability to broadcast a message or post articles to Facebook, is extremely more cost effective than running a paid ad or mailing thousands of marketing pieces.  There are advertising tools which allow you to perform marketing campaigns.  Being keyword- and demographic-specific, is a good way for you to achieve the most ROI for your marketing spend.

Your Website position in search engines is very critical to your business.  Creating  both optimized and compelling content will get you seen.  Allow other websites the opportunity to find your content and direct to it, this will boost your search engine ranking.

Social media allows broadcasting of your content to vast amounts of interested readers on your specific topic. These interested readers then visit your content, tell their pairs, and link to it.  Google, Opera, Bing, Yahoo and others pay very close attention to social sites, which in turn gives your content and site a boost.

Once used correctly, social media will boosts your online search ranking, which in turn allows you to provide better customer service through lead generation, and build an effective online presence and connect with new business partners.  New business partners will in turn help you build connections, validating your professional image and in turn provide your consumers with the value they want and need.

If you are really interested in taking social media on board here are a few tips for you.

People are talking about their activities, likes and dislikes, like they are going out of style.

Don’t jump on the bandwagon, get a plan, you need to know your reason for doing it and what you will like to gain from it.

The lack of knowledge and skill is the number one reason why businesses large and small struggle with social media.

After the explosion of social media over the last few years, it is going to be quite difficult to find a marketing expert without the topic of social media, being part of your marketing strategy on the tip of their tongue.  You ask yourself is it really worth it, is it really worth the time, energy and investment to build a social media presence now? What do I really stand to gain from this social media frenzy.